Autumn appearances

As they say, it never rains, but it pours. In the next month or two, I have seven events booked, most in Melbourne. So, while I haven’t been appearing on this blog very often at all (most of my brain energy is still going into the PhD), I’ll be turning up in real life quite a bit. Autumn for me can be somewhat of a melancholy time – the light diminishing, warmth becoming more rare – so, why wouldn’t I keep saying yes to poetry?

Here’s a quick run down of what’s coming up. See if you can pick up the common thread.


1) “Risky Business” at the Malthouse Theatre, 7pm-8pm Thursday 26th April.

What does bodily diversity in theatre actually feel like? Emma J Hawkins in unicorn cabaret mode, myself doing some unsettling/comforting body poems, Kate Hood turning a classic Shakespearean speech on its head, and Will McRostie turning it all into audio description. The fourth wall, broken by a ramp. Free, but bookings recommended.

2) “Castlemaine Pride” at the Botanic Gardens, 2pm-5pm Sunday 29th April.

Post-postal survey, reminded of the crucial value of solidarity and love, Castlemaine’s queer community and their allies are getting together to celebrate. Music, poetry, food, support and information, and maybe even a wedding!

3) “David Stavanger – Electric Journal” plus “Page vs Stage” at the Wheeler Centre, 6pm-8pm Friday 4th May.

Ground-breaking and seed-planting Queensland poet David Stavanger presents poems on mental health, ECT and human connection. Also featuring a mock-battle, page vs stage – myself vs Eleanor Jackson, where other boundaries blur, and poetry (of course) is the winner.

4) “Poetry at the Dan O’Connell”, 2pm-4pm Saturday 12th May.

One of the longest-running regular poetry readings in the country, the Dan Poets is a delicious and uncanny stew, with a lively and healthy open (very open) mic. I’ll be featuring, reading poems from “Music our bodies can’t hold” – regular and extraordinary people with Marfan Syndrome.

5) 3CR Benefit at Grub Food Van Fitzroy, 7pm-9pm Tuesday 15th May.

Honoured to be included on this lineup, with proceeds going to the radical community radio station 3CR, which broadcasts the gem of a show Spoken Word. More details to come.

6) Going Down Swinging presents “In Full Swing” at Rokeby Studios Collingwood, 6pm-9pm Friday 25th May.

As part of the massive Melbourne Spoken Word and Poetry Festival, I’ll be reading at this event, put on by the wow-it’s-still-going-as-cutting-edge-and-down-to-earth-as-ever literary journal Going Down Swinging – with the revelatory Amy Bodossian, the fearless Soreti Kadir and master of ceremonies (and poetry and cricket) Geoff Lemon.

7) “I am an other”: (Auto)Biographical Poetry Workshop at Siteworks Brunswick, 1pm-4pm Sunday 3rd June.

For new and developing poets, I’ll take you through some techniques and experiments to get you thinking and writing. How can you write in the voice of someone else? Empathy, solidarity, research? Something other?



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