overload | ambiguous mirrors

In April this year, at La Mama Theatre, and then this week, during the 2009 Overload Poetry Festival, I performed alongside Rachael Guy and David Churchill in a piece called “Ambiguous Mirrors”.  It’s a 12 minute collaborative piece, combining puppetry and poetry, with live cello and voice.  I talk about my father, Norman Charles Jackson,Continue reading “overload | ambiguous mirrors”

Each Map of Scars

A few years ago, I collaborated with Rachael Wenona Guy on a puppetry-poetry performance called “Ambiguous Mirrors”, which explored genetics, family resemblances and secrets, and loss. This new show – featuring also Leonie Van Eyk and Rose Turtle Ertler – includes “Ambiguous Mirrors”, plus two more, “Secessionist” and “Unfinished”. It explores bodily difference from theContinue reading “Each Map of Scars”

captured whispers – puppetry and poetry collaborations

In 2013, I travelled to Ireland to perform “Ambiguous Mirrors“. Very soon, on Sunday 17th May at 5pm, at Thousand Pound Bend, I’ll be performing this piece to a Melbourne audience. This short performance is very personal to me. It meditates on grief, family and genetic inheritance. And the puppetry adds another, profound layer –Continue reading “captured whispers – puppetry and poetry collaborations”

am I here yet?

I think we all suspect that intercontinental flight is unnatural.  After arriving back from Ireland, I was jetlagged, both physically and existentially.  Here’s a reflection I wrote on that, as a contribution to a fantastic philosophical-poetic-embodied blog called tract-trace. As some kind of companion to that, here’s a few photos from Ireland.  We’re incredibly gratefulContinue reading “am I here yet?”

poems, abnormality, puppetry & reviews

What do those four words have in common?  In the best blogging tradition – me.  October’s been a huge month.  I’ve been adjusting to a new job, ten hours a week (2.5 hrs x 4 days) at a medical library.  Plus, planning and preparing for the tour of the Australian Poetry Omnibus Mobile Library – which includedContinue reading “poems, abnormality, puppetry & reviews”


BOOKS My most recent full-length collection is Music Our Bodies Can’t Hold (2017) – portrait poems of other people with Marfan Syndrome, through Hunter Publishers. The book was featured on ABC Radio National’s Earshot program, which you can hear here. Three poems from the book were published on Rochford Street Review. “Andy Jackson is suchContinue reading “Poetry”