Poetry Season – an online workshop coming soon

A few days ago, I announced this on Facebook (aka Farcebook / defacebook), but of course not everyone is on social media, so I thought it best to let you know here. This summer, I’ll be running an online poetry workshop – Poetry Season!

Each week, for six weeks, I’ll send out a short essay, which will include a writing exercise (and a few examples). Participants will then write a new poem of their own, which will be distributed to the whole group. I’ll provide feedback on each of your poems (and everyone else will be encouraged to, too). So, at the end, you’ll have six draft (or maybe even completed) poems.

The workshop will cover place and season, self and other, body and poetic form. I want to give you opportunities to try some things you haven’t tried before, to engage in some serious play, to dive deeper into your own developing aesthetic. So, it’s for everyone who writes poetry and wants to refresh their practice – emerging, developing or established (as shaky as those categories are).

I’m still sorting out the exact details and pricing, but it’s likely to run from mid January to end February 2019, with a maximum of 10 participants (although there may be two groups), with concession for unwaged.

If you’re interested, and you haven’t already let me know, please do so asap, and I’ll make sure you get a chance to participate. It’s first in, best (poetically) dressed. If you miss out this time, I’m planning to run another Poetry Season in the future….

PS The other news is that this blog will soon be a website….

kindergarten AJ001
1975 – poet at work, pre-internet


  1. I’m definitely interested.

    1. thanks, Ginger, you’re on the list – I’ll let you know when all the details are confirmed.

  2. Rhonda Crisp says:

    Hi – any spaces for Rhonda.:)

    1. Hi Rhonda. The last spot was just booked last night – would you like me to add you to the waiting list? I’m also running one in Autumn (April-May), so that’s an alternative. Thanks, Andy.

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